Benefit Hervana review

Benefit's Hervana

Benefit's Hervana

My angel wings may've been clipped ages ago.  I might not swear, but I drink the occassional adult beverage and I am judgemental as can be.  I believe there's a place in hell reserved for me; until then, I'll pretend and wear a bit of Hervana for good measure.  Cotton candy and swirled to perfection - this sugary confection concocted by Benefit was first released in the US (online only at first) in December 2011 and finally graced the land of Oz in early February.  I went as far as pre-ordering Hervana from Benefit's site, but my Mom still has yet to send it to me; my impatience won out and I ended up buying it again last week.  P-Cakes can keep the other one or she can exchange it for something else :)  I can't really get cross with her, she's a very busy and hardworking lady. 


I had a heck of a time trying to swatch Hervana and when I tried capturing it with my camera, it just wouldn't translate that well.  For my cheeks, I had to apply several layers before I started to see anything.  If you look really close, you'll notice the lightest shade (lucky shell) is a perfect colour match for my skin tone.

I love the subtlety of Hervana, but I fear I will go through this quickly just from having to go in for so many helpings (maybe I should tell Mom to send the extra one my way after all).  However, the scent doesn't disappoint; it's a combination of fruity and floral, but not so fragrant it makes you turn your nose up.  In order to give this quad a fair shot, definitely factor in your skin's colour and test it before you buy it.  I think if I had a tan, Hervana would really shine.


The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount for Benefit's Hervana:

  • $51.00 AUS / $28.00 USD - brush included, per usual.

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 7 out of 10 bags - it's good, but not great.  I'll still wear it.

Likelihood to purchase:

  • I've had a thing for Benefit for quite sometime; they'll always hold a special place in my heart, but I really can't stand their customer service!