Straight from the nail files: Australis Nail Colour in Aqua


I’ve never tried Australis’ Nail Colour before but when I saw these for 25% off at Priceline, I picked up a couple to try. The shade featured here is Aqua, a light, greenish blue colour with a crème finish. Though Australis claims that it is “high shine, high colour intensity and streak free”, I found it a touch streaky and not completely opaque after two coats, so I went with three coats.

What I’m most impressed with is the staying power. Without a base coat or top coat, Aqua lasted much longer on my nails than I expected. Usually, without my Essie base coat and top coat, nail polish barely last 24 hours. If all Australis Nail Colours perform like this, I may have to get more!

These would be great to bring on vacation because instead of lugging a basecoat and topcoat, I can pack a couple of different colours instead. While nail polish wear varies from person to person, I would definitely recommend checking these out. Being a drugstore brand, Australis is often on special, so be sure to check store circulars first (currently Big W has $2 off all lip and nail products until the end of September).

Price & availability:

$7.95 at Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Target, and select pharmacies here in Australia.

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