An afternoon with Romina


After my eyebrows were complete, I really tried to hold onto the sound of the music, continue the conversation and follow her voice -- but, the facial, it took me in.  I don't know how long I slept for, maybe a few minutes, but it was the first time I really and truly relaxed all week.

During a recent visit with Romina, I rambled on about my skin and its unpredictability around Rosacea flare-ups; this is when Romina tasked herself with the challenge of getting my skin in fighting shape. To be honest I was hesitant, because the dermatologist I sought help from last year claimed facials (amongst many other potential triggers) would become a thing of my past.

Once my skin calmed down a few weeks ago, Romina and I felt it was time to let her work her magic. Armed with Dermaviduals (the skin range she sells and believes in) and a lot of research, Romina set my nerves at ease and brought me to a happy place -- blissful sleep.


From what I can remember from last Thursday, Romina first washed my skin with a citrus-y scented cleanser. Then she used a gentle fruit enzyme peel to help exfoliate my dry skin; I've been too scared to use toners or even fathom bringing my DDF brush to my face as of late. Once my skin was properly exfoliated, Romina applied a mask and let it sit for about 30 minutes (I think) :) While the mask worked hard, Romina did the same; I was treated to a shoulder, arm and hand massage -- this was the moment where I fell asleep. After an indeterminable amount of time had passed, Romina peeled off the mask in one fell swoop and massaged moisturiser into my skin.

In the end I was left with baby soft skin that was creamy in colour and not a single red spot was able to be found. Three days have passed since I received my facial and my skin is still soft and going through a bit of detox. A few small spots have bubbled up, but I'm chalking that up to the lack of elapsed time since my skin healed. For me, this facial was just what I needed during a hellish work week.

If facials aren't your thing and you're after an impeccable eyebrow specialist, here's a glimpse of Romina's handiwork.


Get to know Romina...

Romina De Corso is an eyebrow and skin specialist who hails from South Australia. In her late teens, Romina attended beauty therapy school and learned the art of creating the perfect full brow. A few years ago Romina then moved to Melbourne (yay) and worked as one of three national MAC Eyebrow Specialists. From there, Romina decided to move on and set up her very own shop in order to practise and hone her skills as a skincare specialist. Thanks to Carly, a colleague of mine and Romina's best friend, passed along a business card and the rest is history.

Romina's salon is located on 72 Toorak Road, South Yarra. For more information, please visit Facebook.

*I've been a faithful brow customer of Romina's for almost a year -- however, this facial was provided as a complimentary service in preparation for this review. Thoughts and ramblings written here are completely my own.