A peek at the cheeks: MAC & Marilyn Monroe Legendary Blush


If Barney Stinson roamed the earth during the 50's, he'd say Norma Jeane or Marilyn was "Legen-wait for it - dary.  Legendary!  Blonde or brunette, it don't matter."  Marilyn Monroe was, is and will always be legendary for her modelling, singing and movie career in Hollywood -- a true triple threat. Men loved/wanted Marilyn and women wanted to hate her or be just like her.

Cosmetics and perhaps cosmetic surgery helped with Norma Jeane's transformation in order to become Marilyn Monroe.  It's fitting for a company such as MAC to encapsulate Marilyn's essence -- mysterious, humble, shy, beautiful and glamorous into a 28 piece collection for Autumn 2012.



A subtle coral is nestled within a sleek and shiny black compact.  Shimmer with a bit of orange spice makes my cheeks flush in the best way possible.  My skirt flutters above the steel grate and I don't care, because my cheeks are alight with pure pleasure from MAC's Legendary.  Three passes with MAC's 168 brush is (almost) all I need to brighten my day ;)


The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount for MAC | Marilyn Monroe's satin blush in Legendary:

  • $45.00 AUS / $22.00 USD

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 10 out of 10 bags — Blushbaby no longer reigns supreme!

Likelihood to purchase again:

  • I'll be picking up a back up, because I can see myself hitting the pan quickly. You'll have to visit your local MAC counter or store as Legendary is sold out online.
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