A glimpse at the lips: Chanel Glossimer in 166 Amour

Flecks of micro glitter swim about Chanel's Amour 166, but it's not in your face; it's reminiscent of a holographic formula.  The light reflecting particles help to enhance the soft coral shade and when you put your lips together you don't feel any grittiness. I added Amour to my rotation a few months ago, but managed to let it slip through the cracks.  It's not because I didn't love it - let's just say my attention span (or lack thereof) got the best of me.

Oh hey, what's over there?


Chanel's Amour is the grown up sister to MAC's Wonderstruck.  Amour is bigger in size, a touch more expensive, comes with a doe foot applicator (in lieu of a brush) and lacks the vanilla scent.

Ultimately what drew me to buying Amour was the advertising.  I just had to have the colour as seen on the model's lips.  Don't you think it's amazing how well an advertising campaign can drive sales for a brand?


Touches of Spring, a whiff of the famous Chanel boucle jacket and that doggone bone, er, gloss tightly held between her teeth.  It's mine, not yours!

That war or inner-monologue waged in my head until I decided to make it mine (too).


I don't get a strong coral hue on my lips thanks to the fact they're pretty pigmented - it's nothing a little foundation can't fix.  Amour sticks around for a solid three hours, unless I decide to eat or drink.  Then, I can most certainly expect the colour to fade away quickly.

Chanel's Glossimer is light, a tad sticky and easy to apply.  Perfect for those days when you just need a little colour to brighten that smile of yours.

The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount for Chanel's Glossimer in 166 Amour:

  • $45.00 AUS / $29.50 USD

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 7 out of 10 bags – pricey for what it is.

Likelihood to purchase again: