The Sunday Sample no. 1

Starting something new around these parts, consider this an edit of some of my favourite finds.

The topics, lists, lemmings and thoughts will most definitely change as the weeks progress.

So kick back and relax, here's your weekly dose of the Sunday Sample. 

This week's beauty rotation

This week's beauty rotation

Nailed it: NCLA's Laurel Canyon Lolita on my nails. Berry sweet.

Purchased: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Fanny. Thought I could wait for it until I reached the States, but I crumbled under pressure. Typical Nicole. Also, it would appear as though I am on a bit of a berry kick.

Testing: Kerastase's Discipline Keratin Thermique. It protects my hair as I heat style and leaves my strands polished.

Tried: Eve Lom's Cleanser. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate all at once. Might have to scoop this up when I visit Sephora with P-Cakes.

The Lemming: The MAC Brooke Shields Gravitas Palette Is a Dignified Diva Strengthened by Neutrals. After weighing the pros and the cons with Scott, I've opted to skip something pretty awesome. #whyyousoexpensive

Eats: The Best Cookie Recipe EVER. Baked, eaten, approved.

Rides: What It's like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class. I've been fortunate enough to have flown business class with Singapore Airlines to Italy, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong. However, Derek's trip to New York takes the cake!

Olivia's no longer standing in the sun

Olivia's no longer standing in the sun

Fall TV is back! If you're not up to date with this weeks' episodes, you should probably stop reading now. Spoilers abound.

Castle's been located, but he doesn't know where he's been for two months. Was his father involved with his disappearance? Time will only tell.

Sons of Anarchy has been a bit too bloody for my liking. However, last I knew a few weeks back, Jax could potentially be in a bit of trouble for staging the death of a fellow motorcycle club leader's son. Eye for an eye? And when and how will Kurt Sutter address Gemma's hopeful demise?

Quinn found Olivia and Jake. The First Lady officially lost the plot, in part because of the death of her eldest son. Fitz is running the country with aplomb. Pope & Associates disbanded, yet miraculously came together for Harrison's funeral. I wonder what's in store for Olivia on this season of Scandal.

Fell in love with A to Z (plus, we get to see Ted Mosby's wife in action). How to Get Away with Murder is a tad treacherous and is it just me or did you also grow tired of Wes Gibbins' incessant deer in the headlights expression? Madam Secretary isn't as fast paced as The West Wing, nor as frenetic as Homeland, but I do enjoy the push and pull of Elizabeth McCord's storyline. Two Broke Girls, House of Cards and Homeland all have yet to make their return and I can't wait to get to New York Fashion week on Project Runway. Go, Kini and Amanda!

Other bits and bobs..

Bagful of Notions turns three on the 16th of October (mark it down in your calendar). Also, keep your eyes peeled for a massive giveaway later this month!

I've compiled a huge list of things I want to buy during my visit to the States. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way.

In the process of jushing up Bagful HQ and I've got my eye on these temporary wall decals.

That's it for this week! Don't forget to Spring ahead if you're in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania.


//Image Credit: The Daily Beast - Kerry Washington's Hair Evolution as Olivia Pope on Scandal.