New 'do, new me?

Back in September, on my 30th birthday in fact, I set aside hours of pampering.

  • Nails - check!
  • Hair - check?

I breezed into Blow Dry Bar with a skip in my step, because I had found Jenny, via a meet-cute if you will -- I brought the hair and she brought the scissors. A match made in this funny lil' blog-o-sphere of a world.

Checked in I did and waited and waited. And then, that's about when my birthday high came crashing down.

Jenny was nowhere to be found.

Left, she did. No one bothered to reach out to her former clients (me, included) in an attempt to salvage something, anything or provide us with an opportunity to make alternate plans.

So, I awkwardly ambled around the elephant in the room and quite rightly exclaimed my disappointment to the stylist tasked with styling my hair that ill-fated day. We had a bit of a to and fro and she even gave me an out. An out! And like a scared little turtle, I pulled in my head and limbs and just sat there. Sad, bummed and reeling. 

It was, after all, my 30th birthday, and I wanted to continue feeling special. It's bad enough I already have a complex about my hair from having lost quite a bit of it a few years back.

In the end, the hairstylist did a sufficient job trimming my hair and finished off with a mediocre blowout. I never went back.

Side note: Scott saved the day with a special dining bonanza with a few good friends.

Eight weeks later, my ends were looking pretty tattered and I was still licking my wounds from having lost my hairdresser. As luck would have it Zoe Foster Blake (a super witty and funny Australian beauty blogger) posed the following question in a recent review, "Are you a contraster or a blender?"

This folks, was how I found my new hairdresser, Brent, and colourist, Emma, over at Xiang Hair in Melbourne's CBD.

My hair inspiration: brunette with dimension

My hair inspiration: brunette with dimension

The end result: a subtle swoop and highlights

The end result: a subtle swoop and highlights


I think my faith has been restored.  Here's hoping I can hold onto these guys!