Starting over with Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley.jpg

I first noticed a change two weeks ago. My concealer stopped playing nicely. It refused to blend and just sat there, like a bump on a log.

But what changed? 

So, I pondered and went through a mental list of my daily skincare regimen.  It was my eye cream. Blame it on the elements or my ageing skin, but my chosen eye cream decided to give up the ghost. My eye area is parched!

What's a girl to do? 

Visit Mecca Cosmetica, that's what! 

Earlier today I played with all sorts of brands of eye creams, some of which aim to combat dark circles and tired, puffy eyes. But where was the promise of hydration? And that's when I happened upon Sunday Riley's Start Over, a 1 fluid oz sized engine that could.

Sunday Riley, let's start over and do this! 


Full review to follow.