Why I love Sample Size Beauty Products

Gotta love Fresh & Caudalie

Gotta love Fresh & Caudalie

Going to places like Sephora, Ulta and Mecca is an amazing and magical experience. 

You get to try everything right then and there and if you're not brave enough to fully commit, they'll even send you home with miniature pots of the products the jury is still out on. 

Then comes the back and forth.. Can I? Should I? Do I really need another..

  • facial cleanser
  • moisturizer
  • beauty balm
  • serum
  • eye lotion

But in between the commitment stage and the full blown yes, the whole full size bottle is mine, lies the samples.

I love trying out samples, because I find it gives me a reason to get out of bed early in the morning. These samples are tucked in my overnight kit waiting with baited breath to wash, scrub and hydrate. 

As for my overnight kit, it's hanging out in my gym bag. I figure, the quicker I finish my workout, the sooner I'll get to experience that petite bottle of Fresh Soy Cleanser -- it's my carrot.

Eventually, I will commit. I just don't know when. 

Do you sneak away little treasures in order to treat/reward yourself? 

Note: I picked up the Caudalie set for free after spending $350 at Sephora.