The Makeup Concierge

"Makeup is a way for a woman to feel like herself, only prettier and more confident."

- Bobbi Brown


Perfect for..

The time poor gal.

What to expect..

Your time is precious, so leave the shopping to me. I'll source products in-store and online, and send the goods directly to you.   


We'll work together to catalogue what you own, and fill in the gaps to complement your existing makeup collection. We can do this seasonally or annually, the choice is yours.

Anything else?

I read about makeup all day, every day to satiate my obsession. Wiki of makeup, right here🙋🏻

Allergies, skin sensitivities, and concerns..

Speaking from experience these sorts of things can make shopping for makeup even more difficult. Don't be afraid to mention any of your skin concerns from the start. Honesty is the best policy.

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Disclaimer: I do not work on commission for any of the brands or stores I shop from. Integrity and kindness are the key ingredients to our success.