The Kit & Caboodle

"Every time I step into Sephora or Mecca I become overwhelmed and I've got easy target for sales pitches written on my forehead. But not today! Nicole was kind enough to accompany me shopping and explain to me what brushes did what, and honestly what brushes I should buy without wasting my money.

- Sarah

Perfect for..

The overwhelmed, the confused, or the "I'll have what she's having" even though it's not quite right for you.

What to expect..

Upon booking, we'll set a time and a place to meet somewhere in Melbourne's CBD (our hunting grounds where we'll go foraging for makeup brushes, lippie, mascara - anything, really). Prior to shopping we'll sit down over a cuppa for 15 to 20 minutes to carve out our plan of attack for our 180-minute shop.

Based on your spending budget and shopping list, we'll peruse locales such as 3ina, Mecca Maxima, David Jones, and Chanel. Our trip will be slow going and mindful to give you the time required to shop the counters comfortably.

As we shop I'll make product recommendations based on my research, knowledge, experience, and above all else your needs.

At the end of the day I'm your beauty bouncer who will offer advice and guidance, scout testers, scrounge for makeup wipes, and hold onto your purse as we shop.


I've found it's best to hit the shops in the morning right before the CBD gets crazy busy. At this time of day the sales staff are friendlier, i.e. less pushy; you're also not standing elbow to elbow with other people clamouring for the same testers as you. As for the aforementioned testers, they'll have been sanitised the night before or the morning of. Sweet as.


It's a piece of cake, promise. Arrive with a picture or list of any makeup bits (if any, including skin care) you already own. Maybe even screenshot makeup looks or products you want to know more about. We'll e-mail once or twice before meeting in person to optimise our time together.

Also, recount your previous makeup shopping experiences, listing the pros and cons, so I know what to look out for or avoid as we shop.

Allergies, skin sensitivities, and concerns..

Speaking from experience these sorts of things can make shopping for makeup even more difficult. Don't be afraid to mention any of your skin concerns from the start. Honesty is the best policy.

Anything else?

Don't be discouraged if you walk away empty-handed on the day. The end goal of our time together is to not only buy the lippie you didn't know you needed in your life, but to also teach you how to shop smart and with confidence. It's all about getting you to know how to ask sales associates for help without feeling obligated to make a purchase.

After our shopping trip I'll e-mail you a dossier as a reference for you to save on your phone. The dossier will feature items you purchased or considered purchasing, and will also include a few makeup tips and tricks.

Why choose me to shop with?

Ask yourself how many times you've been dissatisfied with your solo visits to the beauty counters, or struggled to make the wrong formulation of foundation work for you. 

View this experience as an initial investment into you. 

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Disclaimer: I do not work on commission for any of the brands or stores we'll be visiting. Integrity and kindness are the key ingredients to our success.