A glimpse at the lips: Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids in Shocking Coral


Call it intrigue or another excuse to buy something I really don't need, but justified purchasing because there was a two for one deal a few weeks ago. I'm all for a deal with a relative unknown -- it could go one of two ways: knock my socks off or get chucked in the bin (at least I wouldn't be out of pocket by too much, right?).

Shocking Coral

Shocking Coral

Shocking Coral

Shocking Coral

Maybelline's Shocking Coral is an electrified creamy pink which applies evenly over the lips. The concave lipstick tip follows the contour of your lips, while the apex helps with getting into tight corners and lining your lips. The scent is familiar, soft vanilla almost leaning Play-Doh territory -- it's not bothersome, really, because it takes me back to my childhood. Shocking Coral is light on the lips (thanks to the honey nectar) and after five minutes you'll soon forget you ever put anything on. The only bit of information I can't comment on at this point is wear time, but I suspect Shocking Coral will get me to dinner tonight.

What if coral isn't your colour? Well, there are nine other colours to choose between or you could get all up on one of those two for one dealies!

Are you, um, shocked?

Are you, um, shocked?

Happy weekend!

Random story, but P-Cakes found a Louis Vuitton handbag filled with lots of cash in a Las Vegas hotel where she works. Now she's a pretty, no make that super honest woman and managed to track down the owner. As a thank you she received a tip -- I hope my parents go out for a nice dinner, hint, hint!

If you were in that sort of situation, what would you do?

The Bagful breakdown:

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  •  10 out of 10 bags – worth every single penny.

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